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The Port Authority of NY & NJ

The New York, New Jersey Port Authority stated that the UltraOne products were the best products ever used or tested in the history of the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. Every well- known cleaning product in the USA has at one time or another submitted their product to the Lincoln tunnel for cleaning consideration.

On Jan.28/02 UltraOne Corporation was awarded a sole source vendor for their entire cleaning needs.

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United States Department of Agriculture

Test Date: November 26/97 - Food equipment test

Test Date: January: 30/98 - Product process area test Click here to view original statement

Boeing Aeronomics

Boeing 06-17487 - Test Date: January 23/95Comments: Conforms to all requirements.

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"Everywhere you spot cleaned around the restaurant now stands out like a sore thumb in a night and day appearance of being clean. We are also impressed with the no fumes given off any sort in either of your Ultra One cleaners when being used, plus your products also deoderized as they cleaned."

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McDonalds Restaurant

"The Ultra One G-5 product worked better cleaning the cooking grill and also had no fumes whatsoever to contend with. The Ultra One Industrial Clean product was used on all the floors and hard surface areas. the floors degreased faster and better without any streaking whatsoever..."

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Richard Westfall
Company windy top

I used the rust remover on a classic Harley gas tank. It worked great without etching the metal.
When the metel is etched you may end up with pin holes which you do not want. Richard Westfall.
Please forward info re Dealership.

Somerset Hills Classics, LLC.
4 Center St.
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Safest rust remover is great I use it all the time on rusty gas tanks. We also have used it to free up stuck pistons,tools,and you name it. It really works."This stuff is unbelievable". I tell every one I know in the resto biz and bike shops about it and the degreaser is very good as well.

Jimmy Rodriguez
General Manager S.H.C.

Hello Dwight,
I'm from a company that builds orthopedic implants. 
We use screw machines to manufacture our parts which uses straight oil as a coolant.
The oil works very well as a coolant but on the other hand difficult to remove from the parts.
We recently purchased your Rust remover for another issue were having with our machines
and you had sent a sample of your Heavy Duty Degreaser. Today were are doing our end of
the year maintenance which includes cleaning every machine top to bottom and we typically
use Crystal simple Green for all our heavy degreasing. Well I decided to give your Degreaser
a try and the results were remarkable. First all I tried a test side by side with the simple green
and your degreaser and without any scrubbing dissolved the sticky oil residue when the simple green
seemed to have no effect on it. The second of all when we use the simple green it put off harsh vapor
that causes your lungs to burn when inhaled and with your Degreaser I had no such effect.
As far as I'm concerned were are done with Simple Green and we are replacing it with you heavy duty degreaser. 


Sean Bradley
Manufacturing Lead
Richland, WA
                                    Sean Bradley                                         Monday, August 06, 2007 8:38 AM

 Hello Ultra One,

I wanted to follow up on using the G-5 Degreaser and Heavy Duty Degreaser in my house.
I used the G-5 Degreaser on my shower curtain and shower stall. The shower curtain was amazing,
it looked like the day I bought it, no soap scum and I was delighted that I did not have to put
the shower curtain in the washer. In my shower stall it removed all the soap scum and it shinned like
the day I installed it.

I cleaned my basement and washed the floor with the Heavy Duty Degreaser. My house had this
most wonderful aroma coming through the duck work.

I have used your products on cleaning my jewelry, it cleans it better than anything I have used previously.
The gold just shines. I soaked one of my favorite sweaters in the Heavy Duty Degreaser, the sweater had
turned yellow from age. Well my sweater is now white, no more yellow. I had gotten spaghetti sauce on
a white blouse of mine, I sprayed the G-5 on it immediately and rubbed it in, the sauce came out and you
can't even tell I had gotten sauce on it.

I stained my deck and had stain all over my hands, feet and legs, I used the G-5 Degreaser and the stains
just came off. I had gotten some stain on my side walk, I used the G-5 Degreaser and it removed the stain.

My mom bought another house and we cleaned it with the Heavy Duty Degreaser, she was simply
amazed at how your product worked. The stove and vent above it was a mess, the Heavy Duty cleaned them
up wonderfully, the grease build up is all gone. I used it in her showers, she loved how all the soap scum
came off the showers. We washed the walls with it and it took the marks off the walls. I gave her some of
the Heavy Duty Degreaser and she is using it now on different household items.

I have shared your product with my whole family. They love it like I do.


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